Stop the Cuts is an organization for everyone in Saskatchewan affected by or deeply concerned about the recent cuts, privatization, and elimination of public services in the recent budget.

Schools, public libraries, universities, the Saskatchewan Transportation Company, NORTEP (Northern Teacher Education Program), NORPAC (Northern Professional Access College), pastoral and funeral services, the hearing aid programme, road safety, municipal services, reforestation and parks, Community Justice... that's a pretty big group of us affected.

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What's Cut

Responsible governments do not slash and burn necessary services in order to service debt. An economic downturn is a good reason to protect and expand these services, not sell them off or cut them.

  • Healthcare
    • Audiology programme
    • Podiatry programme
    • Travel immunization clinics
    • Parent mentoring program
    • Pastoral care
  • Seniors' Long Term Care
  • Income support
  • Community Justice
  • Meewasin Valley Authority
  • PST exemptions on childrens' clothing

These cuts are happening alongside:

  • An increase in the PST
  • Tax breaks for corporations
  • Tax breaks for high income earners
  • 100s of eliminations of public service jobs
  • Pressure to reduce teacher salaries and other public workers' wages

Note: The list above will be a comprehensive list of everything that's been cut, privatized, or eliminated by the Wall government in the 2017-18 budget. In our full website (being launched soon), these items will link to research on the impacts of the cuts in that area.

We will be adding and updating research in our What's Cut section as we learn more about the cuts.

Please email if you have information about more areas and programmes being cut. Thanks!

What's next

Protest at the Premier's Fundraiser at Prairieland Park

April 27, 5 to 7 PM // 503 Ruth St. W., Saskatoon

Protest at the Premier's Fundraiser at Prairieland Park

Let's all come together to express our opposition to the Provincial budget cuts to K - 12 education, libraries, Universities, Audiology, social services, the handing over of Nortep to Northlands College, and the decision to "wind down" the provincial Crown, STC!

While the Premier and his Sask Party buddies are at a $250/plate event, we'll be protesting outside.

We'll be posting more details about the event as they develop!

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Posters and handbills

Posters and handbills to get people out to the April 27 All Out to Stop the Cuts rally/protest at the Premier's Fundraiser in Saskatoon. Right-click links to download them.

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8.5 x 11 poster
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Protest the Premier's Fundraiser